How to tell the quality of human hair wig

With the continuous expansion of the wig market, the demand for wigs is increasing, and people are gradually becoming aware of the difference between human hair wig and synthetic wigs. More and more people are choosing a human hair wig because of its comfort, naturalness, and authenticity.

However, there are many unscrupulous merchants in the market who do not know how to distinguish the difference between high-quality human hair wigs and fish in the water, shoddy, pretending to be a real person to send wigs to obtain high profits. Here we will briefly introduce the real high-quality human hair wig and tell you some ways to distinguish them.

The highest quality human hair wig is the virgin human hair wig. This human hair wig has not been subjected to any pickling and chemical processing and is directly taken from the hair that has not been damaged by any dyeing. The intact stratum corneum remains and the direction of the stratum corneum is in the same direction.

human hair wig

Most importantly, high-quality human hair wigs are made of 100% human hair. The raw materials are from India, Brazil or China. They are of high quality and are made by hand or machine. Therefore, the price is more expensive than a normal wig.

How to distinguish high-quality human hair wigs and general wig products?

You can use the burning method to determine that a small amount of hair is selected on your real hair wig to burn with the sparks emerging from the lighter. High-quality human hair wigs are made of purely natural hair wigs, and you can smell a burning feather during the burning process.

This is because the human hair contains substances such as proteins, and the taste of the protein after burning is a feathery smell. The raw materials of the general wig products are not pure, and some animal hair or other chemicals will be added inside, which cannot be distinguished by the eyes alone, but if the flames are burned and smelled, it can be It’s shaped. A wig with added impurities smells like a real high-quality human hair wig, so it may be mixed with some other pungent smell.

Irradiation under the sun

It is normal for human hair to have natural hair texture and luster, and some slight fading under the illumination of sunlight. You can take your wig under the sun and observe its texture and luster with the help of sunlight. If it is a high-quality human hair wig, you will find that its texture is clear and the texture is strong.

But if it’s a general wig product or a sub-filled product, you will find it hard to find its texture or find that its texture is irregular, which means it is likely to add other wigs. Unknown substances replace human hair.

Understanding the characteristics of high-quality human hair wigs is very necessary for us to choose the right human hair wigs to avoid being deceived. Everyone should be careful when choosing a wig to avoid being deceived.

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