How to use your hair bundle

With the gradual development and rise of human hair wig, a new wig product has appeared on the wig market. It is a hair bundle. Like a human hair wig, it is also divided into a human hair bundle and a synthetic hair bundle.

Of course, most people are willing to choose the human hair bundle because it is made from 100% human hair, which is more comfortable and more natural. Very cost-effective, can be used for much longer than synthetic hair bundles.

people use human hair bundle

With the gradual rise of this type of wig, people are increasingly willing to use this wig to replace the thick human hair wig in the summer, but here, people are faced with a problem, that is how to use hair bundle.

To use the hair bundle, first, you have to choose a suitable hair bundle. You can choose a human hair bundle or a synthetic hair bundle. If you are willing to choose a human hair bundle, I suggest you take a look at the ruiyu hair. It is a wig company specializing in the sale of real hair wig products. It has been well received by countless people in the past seven years.

Then, the specific operation of the hair bundle is as follows

Step 1: combing hairpiece

Hold the top of the hairpiece with your right hand, insert the left-hand finger into the hairpiece, and comb it from top to bottom. In order to extend the life of the hairpiece, the strength of the finishing is softer and better and depending on the situation, whether the comb is used.

Step 2: Press the clip on the development sheet

Hold the ends of the clip with the thumb of the left and right hands and the index finger. When the net is pressed, the clip will pop open. The red circle is the way the clips pop open, yes, it is the same as the development clip.

Step 3: pick up the upper hair

Extending from the sides of the ear to the middle, the upper layer of hair is clipped, leaving only a few lower layers of hair. These lower layers of hair are used to fix the hairpiece, and the height and the amount can be adjusted as appropriate. For example, the hair itself is longer, just to extend the length of the lowermost layer of hair, you can clip the hairpiece to the hair root of the lower layer hair.

Step 4: Insert the hairpiece and press it tightly

Hold the clips at the ends of the hairpiece from the left and right hands, and insert the hair from the top to the bottom of the lower layer. After the plug is tight, press the clips at both ends. If the person with short hair needs to add a long length of hairpiece in multiple layers, the effect of the whole short hair and long hair will be achieved.

From the bottom layer, the net will be added, then the middle layer hair will be put down, and the second layer will be placed. Hair strips, and so on, the top layer of the hairpiece is added last.

Step 5: Put down the upper hair

Put the upper layer of hair down, completely cover the joint of the hairpiece, and use your hands to arrange the hairstyle and finish. It is not recommended to use a comb. If the force or direction is not well controlled, it will be able to comb the clipped hairpiece.

It should be noted that although the hairstyle of the hair bundle can be determined according to your own preferences, in order to make your hair extension look more natural, you should choose a hair bundle hairstyle similar to your hairstyles, such as straight hair bundle or other curly hair bundles.

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