How to wash your colorful hair wig

With the development of the wig market and the advancement of science and technology, people are now less and less satisfied with the color of the general wig, and more and more people are beginning to pursue different wig colors.

In the past, only synthetic wigs were able to have a wide variety of colors, because they were chemically synthesized from chemically coarse fibers, so it was able to render wigs into different colors more simply and conveniently.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, human hair wigs can also produce colorful hair wig. But its cost must undoubtedly be higher than the wigs of synthetic wigs. So if you choose a colorful hair wig, then you must take good care of it. To take good care of it, you first need to know how to clean the colorful hair wig.

I believe that we have all experienced the cleaning activities of human hair wigs, although they are all made of 100% human hair, the cleaning of human hair wigs and the generated human hair are still different in the cleaning process.

For the same reason, for colorful hair wig, although it is also made of 100% human hair like a human hair wig, it is dyed to a certain extent compared to a normal human hair wig. Therefore, it will be different from the cleaning process of human hair wigs. Please do not follow the cleaning activities of human hair wigs to clean the colorful hair wig.

First of all, you can’t put a basin of clear water like a real hair wig, put the corresponding hair care products in the water, and then put the real hair wig into the infusion cleaning. Because the colored hair wig is dyed, this type of cleaning may damage the color of the wig.

Colorful hair wig needs to be cleaned under flowing clean water. However, please note that when you wash the colorful hair wig under flowing water, do not let the water completely submerge the colorful hair wig, and do not infuse the rich hair wig in the water. What you need to do is let the water flow down the fever to the roots for a gentle, gentle flushing activity.

When needed, you can also apply a small amount of shampoo on your hands. After the shampoo is completely applied to your hands, apply it to the colorful hair wig and gently rub it. If you are not gentle enough, the bud mesh that may ruin the wig.

After combing is completed, the false release is flushed under flowing water. After rinsing, take a dry towel and wipe the colorful hair wig. If you think it is necessary, apply some hair oil to the colored hair wigs when you are half dry.

Please remember to apply evenly. Then hang the wig until it is naturally dry in a well ventilated area. Try not to use high-temperature heating products to bake colorful hair wigs, although it can do so. However, long-term use of certain high-temperature products may result in the lack of colorful wigs, water shortage.

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