How to wash your human hair wig

Nowadays, human hair wig more and more become a so important things in our life and that we could not to neglect it. Although much people likes to use human hair wig instead of their real human hair but there is a problem that much people do not know what they should to care about their human hair wig that is people should how to wash their human hair wig. If you do not know how to wash your human hair wig or do not know what should you do to clean your human hair wig in order to prevent it from hurt. You could read the article detail maybe it could help you and give you some advises when you face to difficult condition.

If you wig is made of human hair wig, you should know it will become dirty during the time you using, because it is similar to your real hair. you should wash it at a relatively high frequency. when you start to wash your human hair wig, you should follow the methods or procedures below:

First of all, you should use a comb to comb, straighten your human hair wig before cleaning, avoiding knotting. You should be aware that when straightening your human hair wig, you should follow the principle of constantly moving from the tail to avoid damage to your hair from the roots, so as not to cause hair loss.

Second, you should take out your wig-specific shampoo, put it a little in cool water, mix it thoroughly, and then infuse your fake release in cold water for five minutes, within five minutes of wig infestation, You can do other things you need to do, without paying too much attention to it.

The third thing you should do is clean the wig with cold water. Because it is made of 100% human hair, clean it is very important.

In the fourth step, you should dilute your wig conditioner with cold water and apply it evenly on the wigs for more than five minutes.

After doing this, you should dry your hair with a dry towel and squeeze out excess water. If your hair is curled,such as water wave hair. you should also apply a conditioner and clean it before applying a certain amount of elastin to keep the shape of the hair unchanged.

We use human hair wigs, we should take care of it, and often the wig cleaning can not only effectively maintain the wig’s hairstyle, but also extend the wig’s use time, which is undoubtedly an effective means of protecting wigs. If you have some effective ways to clean your wig, please feel free to contact us for a discussion and we will be happy to hear from you.

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