How To Wash your wigs After Swimming

What do you think of when you think of summer? Beer, Watermelon, Seaside, Pool? Yes, these are important elements that make up the summer. Swimming is a very good summer entertainment, swimming is good for health, but not good for human hair wigs. If you like to swim, the chlorine in your hair after leaving the water may still bother you. Chlorine makes water free of bacteria, but it can make your hair dry, fragile, and even appear green. Therefore, proper shampooing after swimming is very important to minimize the effects of chlorine on the hair. This blog will tell you how to clean your human hair wig after swimming and hope to help you.

In general, you should rinse your hair before swimming because it will reduce the amount of chlorine that is absorbed by your hair. If you can’t immediately wash your lace front wig with shampoo after swimming, you should also rinse your hair with clean water immediately. It does help remove large amounts of chlorine before the chemical destroys the hair.

In general, ordinary old shampoos may not wash off chlorine completely, so you should find a special shampoo to wash away mineral and chlorine deposits. Alternatively, wash the hair with a natural mixture of dehydrated and 1/4 cup white vinegar. Apply this mixture to the hair for two minutes, then rinse off with water. It will restore the natural acidity of the hair being stripped of chlorine. In addition, the combination of lemon juice and soda can play the same role.

After the rinse, the next step is of course the deep care of the hair. Look for a conditioner designed for dry hair, starting with the roots and applying the conditioner to the lace wig while taking a bath. Then use a wide-toothed comb to evenly comb the hair to reduce the obstacles on the hair. If you have a curly hair wig, don’t use a comb and gently comb it with your fingers. Finally, leave the conditioner in your hair for at least two minutes, then rinse off. This will inject extra moisture into your hair. Weekly intensive care of the hair is very necessary, hair care is good, and the wigs service life will be longer.

If your human hair lace wig has become very dry, you can use a few drops of olive oil for intensive care. I hope that the above suggestions can guide you on how to wash your hair after swimming. Thank you for reading.

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