Human hair wig in ruiyu hair

With the increasing demand for wigs, the quality requirements for wigs are getting higher and higher. More and more wig manufacturers continue to improve their product service and quality, expand production scale and bring more high-quality wig products to consumers in order to meet consumers’ increasing consumer demand and various consumer requirements.

Among the many wig buyers, we are going to introduce you today to a wig company that sells high-quality human hair wigs, that is ruiyu hair:

a woman who choose ruiyu hair is smiling.

Ruiyu hair is a wig company specializing in the sale of high-quality human hair wigs in Xuchang City, Henan Province, China. It has been in the market for more than ten years and has received many positive comments. The products win by quality and variety and are in an invincible position among many foreign trade companies.

What is the difference between Ruiyu hair’s real hair wig and general wig?

Ruiyu hair’s human hair wig is made of 100% human hair, without adding any chemical ingredients and animal hair, ensuring comfortable and natural feeling during wearing. Second, it is durable, has a long service life, and is much longer than synthetic wigs. If you can protect it, its life expectancy is about a year.

If you can look closely, you will find that it has a healthy texture and gloss. Some synthetic wigs are made from chemically crude fibers through various chemical reactions, so they do not have the natural texture and healthy luster of the hair. Under the sunlight, human hair wigs, like real human hair, will appear in the sunlight to reflect a small part of the hair color, which can be consistent with your hair and naturally integrated.

Finally, it also has the characteristics that synthetic wigs do not have, that is, it’s dyeable scalding, you can complete the dyeing and ironing work of wigs according to your own needs and with the support of certain technology, so as to achieve what you want. Effect.

What are the advantages of Ruiyu hair’s human hair wig?

Ruiyu hair’s human hair wigs come in many different hairstyles, including straight hair wigs represented by straight hair, deep wave hair, water wave hair and so on, which are representative of curly hair.

In addition, according to the origin of the human hair wig, it is divided into Peruvian hair bundles, Indian hair bundles, Malaysian hair bundles, and Brazilian hair bundles. They have different characteristics and different advantages. You can choose any hair bundle according to your own preferences.

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