Human hair wigs or synthetic wigs, which lasts longer?

I think everyone tangled before buying a wig, human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, how to choose. In fact, you only have to choose your own needs. 
Everyone knows that human hair wig is more expensive and looks more natural.  Synthetic wigs are more affordable.

In fact, the price level should be relative to the value of the item. If a $100 product can be used for 10 months and a $50 product can be used for 3 months, then do you think that product is more cost-effective?

So now we need to know human hair wigs and synthetic wig, which lasts longer? Believe that when you have the answer, you will know how to choose.

Let’s first look at the differences between the two products.

Human hair wig was created from harvested human hair, according to the origin of hair collection, it can be divided into 4 kinds of human hair wig : Brazilian Hair, Malaysian Virgin Hair, Peruvian Hair, Indian hair. Because it is grown by humans itself, it is not easy to entangle and curl, and it contains keratin and melanin. It has life before it is cut from everyone. If you use shampoo and conditioner regularly, it will last longer than you think. Just take it as your own hair, it can be done according to your hairstyle, and the damage is small.

synthetic wigs,It is cheaper than human hair because it is made of chemical fiber. No need for manual planting, which saves more costs. Second, it can be different in style and not worry about price. But it is disposable and easy to knot and wrinkle after any chemical treatment. 

Based on this we can find another advantage of human hair wigs, if you have a straight human hair wig, you can roll it into body wave human hair wigs. A human hair wigs can be compared to many synthetic wigs.

We asked a lot of hair users and the aggregated data gave an average,
If you are well cared for, human hair wig can be used for 6 months to a year. Some people can even use it for a longer period of time. The synthetic wig is about 3-6 months.

So the answer is that human hair wigs can last longer. Is this answer to help you solve your troubles? I believe you must know how to choose. 

Thanks for reading.

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