Lace Wigs – How to Prevent Hair Shedding

Lace wigs are popular among many wig wearers because they are durable and lightweight. That said, lace wigs are also delicate, so be careful to make sure they last longer than normal wigs. To tell the truth, a shedding lace wig should not be a surpring thing beacuse they are made of 100% human hair and hand-tied to the hair, single knot or double knot. So like our natural hair, a little shedding is normal. But we have to do something to prevent excessive shedding.

curly wig, 100% human hair

Lace wigs need to be handled carefully to maintain their condition. To avoid excessive hair shedding, be sure not to use products that contain high concentrations of alcohol. Alcohol causes the glue used to attach hair to a lace cap to deteriorate faster, causing them to shed more hair faster than normal. Some people may use these products while sleeping. If you do, make sure you wear a hair cap or just wrap a scarf around your head to prevent them from tangling while you sleep.

Use a wide-toothed comb to brush your straight wig. For curly wig, just running with your fingers is better. And comb your hair up from the bottom and keep it at the top to avoid pulling at the knots. Be sure to comb your wig thoroughly, but never comb it when the wig is wet.

Overheating can damage wigs and cause shedding. Therefore, it is best not to blow dry hair with a hairdryer, otherwise it may be damaged or split. Just dry naturally after wash your wig.

Apply knot sealant to the wig to seal and secure the knot. The sealant comes in a little spray bottle, and when you turn the wig inside out, you can apply it to the wig. Spray it on lace or mesh and allowing it to dry before turning the wig on. After each cleaning, the wig should be re-sealed after drying.

Some people have the habit of scratching their head, while others do it because of irritation to the scalp. It is likely that the scalp is dry or needs a quick treatment. But scratching the scalp is bad for wigs and can cause them to shed. So it’s a good idea to avoid scratching your head while wearing a wig. A special shampoo and moisturizer can also be used to treat dry scalp. Tapping your head instead of scratching may also help when the urge arises.

If your lace wig is going through hair shedding, or you can follow the tips above, you will never have to worry about excessive shedding and dryness.

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