Method of how to make Hair extension

With the advancement of society and the development of science and technology, in addition to human hair wigs, a new type of wig has been developed, which is hair bundle and closure, which can be used for hair extension? We already know how to wear a wig cap. So, how do you handle it? Next, we will introduce this method in detail.

First, choose the type of hair you like

Stitched hair comes in two materials: synthetic hair bundle or human hair bundle. Synthetic hair is an artificial protein/plastic composite that looks like human hair. Human hair bundle is from real human hair and processed for hair extension.

Synthetic hair looks very much like human hair but lacks the texture and luster of human hair.

Human hair is much more expensive than synthetic, but it must be more comfortable and natural. You can buy it in Mslynn hair.

Second, consider the clip wig

Combine synthetic or natural hair bundle with a hair clip on the hair root. This method is suitable for temporary hair extension.

Method of how to make Hair extension

This method is the cheapest and the easiest to operate.

The clip wig must be re-clamped once a day because it will start to fall after one day.

Clip wig:

Buy a special weft for hair. The hair-specific weft is a single piece of hair that is sandwiched between your original hair to increase the length of the hair. You can buy synthetic or human hair bundle, but the latter is twice as expensive.

Match colors and hairstyles as much as possible. The hair extension should look natural, so the color of the hair extension should match your hair. If your hair is straight hair, then choosing the same straight hair bundle will make your hair extension and the original hair look more integrated.

Look for the right length of hair. Although you are sending hair in order to get longer hair than now, avoid the length of the hair extension too far from the length of your original hair. This will not only look fake but also cost a lot.

Divide the hair into sections. You can tie your hair together and leave the part ready for hair extension. Put more hair on one side while picking up.

Combing your hair. Comb the hair and use the hair pad to make the hair of the roots fluffy. Your hair will increase in thickness by 1-2 cm.

Clamp a weft thread around the root of the hair. The combed hair can be well fixed. The hair should be evenly distributed so that the hair is at a uniform length.

Put a part of the hair down. Repeat the above steps, comb the hair roots and splicing the wefts one by one.

Finish your hairstyle. Combing the hair from the roots and straighten the hair on the top. The wig on the clip should be covered and not exposed.

If you can see the clips for the hair extension, re-adjust it. Make sure you don’t see the hair clip when you tie your hair up. The clip should be close to the hair root and covered with several layers of hair so that it can’t be seen by the naked eye.

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