Most common hairstyle for black woman and why

If you have a very good African partner, if you pay attention to the hairstyles of African girls, you will notice that for those black women, their most common hairstyle is the numerous small hair strands on the scalp. Young girls will also have a variety of beautiful hairpins on the top. Many people will be very strange, why does everyone have to choose such a complicated little nephew? Such a scorpion is both cumbersome and time consuming to design. Perhaps it takes an afternoon to weave such a small hairpin. What are the specific reasons for doing this?

Curly hair affected by genetically

For those friends in Africa, their hair is affected by various climates or genetic factors. From the beginning of their birth, their hair is curled up, as if they were burnt with a high-temperature perm tool. It is precisely because of these special curls that they are unable to choose some of their favorite hairstyles, and their daily favorite hair bursts seem to be the best hairstyle for their special hair.

Basic needs of female traits

In short, hair problems are more of a basic requirement for the femininity of African girls, and more are symbols of social status and female dignity. Many girls are sick enough to buy medicine and go to the designer to design this hairstyle for them.

Basically, this hairstyle is made up of the person’s own hair and human hair wigs. The weaving process basically picks up a strand of hair, then folds the long human hair wig into two halves, presses the middle part against the scalp, and braids the hair and wig into braids.

This type of hairstyle does not require very long hair. Of course, I think that as an Asian hair, too short hair is difficult to weave together. Think about it, if your hair is to be held with a wig, how do you do it, can you operate it. But African girls have very different hair because our hair is very different from their hair. Their hair can be easily woven together.

Backward economic reasons

Compared with other parts of the world, Africa’s economy is developing slowly. Many girls are sick and don’t even have extra money to see a doctor. However, in contrast, their water resources are undoubtedly very scarce. In order to save water resources, their common hairstyles exist for “no washing”, so regular cleaning is not only simple but also To a certain extent, the texture of this scorpion is destroyed. But for girls, they all have a hair-drying dry-cleaning spray that not only relieves itching but also has a very fragrant taste.

They also don’t have access to too many outside worlds. Then, in this case, their single common hairstyle can be explained to them. With the development of the economy, I believe that more and more high-quality wigs and new beautiful hairstyles will be accepted by black women.

We look forward to their becoming as healthy, happy and beautiful as we are.

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