Proper Care of Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are popular not only because they are the closest to nature, but because they can be shaped, styled, and colored like natural hair, and they provide the flexibility to make any hairstyle you like. Every girl who wants to look more beautiful and stylish will have her own human hair wigs. How to properly care for human hair wigs has become something that ladies must learn.

Proper Care of Human Hair Wigs

Unlike synthetic wigs, synthetic wigs require only a rigorous cleaning procedure, while human hair wigs require more maintenance. Next, let’s learn how to properly care for human hair wigs.

1. When it comes to brushing your wig, always ensure that you use special combs that are designed for use with wigs; such brushes are mostly flat and are made of wire. The wig needs to be brushed regularly and especially after it has been used. The best way to brush it is to begin at the bottom and then calmly work your way upwards. If your wig is a curly hair wig, it is best not to comb it with a comb and gently comb it with your fingers. This will avoid a lot of unnecessary hair loss.

2. When you decide to wash your wig, you need to make sure you have some cold or warm water to achieve the best results. Don’t use hot water to wash your human hair wig. You can choose between using a bath tub or simple sink, using a gentle shampoo. You will need to move the wig back and forth while it is gently submerged in the sink or the bathtub; you will avoid any harsh scrubbing because any damage that is done is basically irreparable.

3. After washing, you need some cold water to rinse off the remaining shampoo. You can also use a gentle conditioner on your wig to reduce the risk of tangling. If the wig loses moisture and becomes dry, it can cause knotting and hair loss. Therefore, it is very necessary to do deep care for the wig regularly.

4. Use as little heating tool as possible. Excessive heat can damage your hair. So after cleaning the wig, it is best to let it dry naturally. If you need to use a heating tool to style your wig, it is best to give your hair a deep conditioner after use. 

In fact, the human hair wig is a perfect creation, not only gives you a completely natural look, but it is also very durable. Following these simple guidelines will ensure that it provides you with the best and longest service.

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