Removal method of full lace wig

When we wear a full lace wig, we usually use tape adhesive, glue adhesive, etc. After removing the wig, the fragile lace material is easy to tear or wear. Lace wigs come in a variety of styles, suit different wearers, and spend a short time to maintain. Lace is easy to tear or wear if we don’t handle it carefully. Once the lace is destroyed, the hairline and scalp no longer look natural. By using products that you may already have in your home, you can protect your lace, make it last and look good.

full lace wig

Tape adhesive removal

  1. Pour in about 1 tablespoon. Pour “100% acetone” or “99% isopropyl alcohol ” into a small glass bowl. Although you can use both methods, acetone can remove the adhesive faster than alcohols.
  2. Soak the cotton ball in acetone or alcohol. Next, tap the solution in the place where it has been taped. In the process, the tape attached to the full lace wig became weak and began to lose grip of the full lace. Wait about 5-10 minutes while looking for resistant area so you can use more alcohol.
  3. Gently lift the tape from full lace wig. You can now use your fingers to remove any remaining tape by gently pulling it from the base of the wig cap.

Glue adhesive removal

  1. Soak your entire hairline with a full lace wig glue remover. If the lace has not started to lift itself, then from the point of origin, this is the glue application you should started with.
  2. Gently lift up the lace. If the lace loosens easily, continue to loosen slowly from the skin. If you encounter any resistance, use some full lace glue remover, put a small amount on your fingers, and then run it under the lace. Do not spray glue solution directly into the face.

Tips for glue adhesive removal

  1. Do not use the cotton ball to remove the glue adhesive as the fibers will stick to the adhesive and will be difficult to remove. Remove the adhesive from your hand with a remover. Remove any residual lace from the glue and roll it away by hand. Any glue residue from the lace can be rolled off by hand.
  2. If the residue is difficult to remove, gently spray the remover directly onto the lace and wait a few minutes, either rolling it off or gently brushing it off with a soft toothbrush. In extreme cases, you can use mirror methods, pressing and gently sliding the glue gently down the mirror.
  3. When all the adhesive is removed, clean your entire full lace wig immediately.

By the way, if you think the tap or glue adhesive is troublesome, now the glueless full lace wigs are available. Maybe you can try it.

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