Short Hair vs. Long Hair

Choosing long hair or short hair, I think it is a big problem for many women. A girl with long hair always wants to try short hair style, and a girl with short hair really wants to have beautiful long hair. Both short hair and long hair have their own advantages and disadvantages. But when your friend asks if your long hair looks good or short hair looks good, how do you answer her? Let us take a look at the answers of the majority of users.

Some people think that the best hair length is whichever is most popular at the time, like the long straight hair style of the early 2000s or the short Bob of the late 2010s. Others think the best length is the length they have been wearing. After all, if you’ve found a length that makes you feel confident and beautiful, why bother to try something you’re not sure you’ll like? Some people have objectively analyzed the advantages of long hair and short hair to facilitate people to make choices. Let’s take a look at it together.

long hair style

Long hair can create more hair styles. The longer your hair is, the more styling options. Long hair looks more sexy. Even if we just use wavy hair with jeans and a white t-shirt, it looks very sexy and attractive. In this era of online dating, the first impression is everything. Although we believe that women wearing short hair wigs and long hair wigs look just as sexy, the 2016 dating summary of OKCupid found that men are significantly more likely to initiate a connection with a woman who has long hair in her photograph. I don’t know if this view has changed now.

short hair styles

Short hair keeps you cool when the weather is hot. Short hair is also easy care than long hair, you can save more time from washing your hair and maintaining your hair to do other more important things. Short-haired women are considered to be more professional and competent in the workplace.

Have you seen the advantages of long hair and short hair? Do you have an answer? In fact, beauty is a woman’s nature. You can make more changes, such as choosing a handsome short hair style in the summer and a beautiful sexy long curly hair style in the winter. This keeps you comfortable and beautiful. If you are worried that your hair won’t grow so fast, then you can try a lace wig. The wig has already become the latest fashion item. If you don’t believe you can ask your good friends, maybe they have already worn a wig.

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