Stylish Winter Hairstyles for Black Women 2019

Summer is officially over. Now that the temperature has dropped, we’re ready to start thinking about all the fun winter activities we have to look forward to: snow days, holiday parties, TV premieres, and more! But winter can also bring some severe weather. We all know to wear a heavy coat and comfortable socks to the outdoors, but you also need chic winter hairstyles that will make you look great no matter how gloomy the weather.

Bob haircut

bob haircut

Trust me, there’s no limit to choosing an effective Bob that suits your face shape and hair texture. Whether you want to embrace you, use your natural hair to your advantage or be brave and find new groovy that looks right for your aura, this The Bob haircut will definitely lead you to the kind of hair you’re proud of!

Soft wave

body wave

Cute voluminous waves are feminine and fun. If your hair is longer, you can use a curling iron when you need it. If you have hair extensions, make sure they can withstand the heat, or you can get wave hair wigs. Energize your look and make waves and other textured styles look their best.

Box braids

Box braids

When you’re in the middle of hair growth, sometimes all you want is a little more length and freedom to style. That’s why long braids are such a popular winter hairstyle for naturally short hair. They will let you enjoy your long hair while protecting your curly hair.



Similar to the boxed braid, the marley twists are a protective braid that is ideal for women who don’t have much maintenance. The only difference, apart from the braiding pattern, is the type of hair used. These twists are lighter than braids and do less pulling of the hair.

Half up chic bun

half up chic bun

For a black girl with long, thick hair, what could be more promising than a messy bun? Add layers to the look by incorporating golden highlights. Leave a few strands of hair at the front to liven up your style. Make the top half of the hair into a bun, then sweep the rest of the hair down the sides.

Long tight curls

kinky curly

If you’re not afraid of this volumetric look, then it has plenty of stylish ladies to offer. Even if your hair is shorter now, you can achieve this with a high-quality hair extension or wig. It’s a lot of hair to deal with, so make sure your lifestyle is compatible. The quality of the hair you buy has a greater impact on the effect of curly hair, which frizz more easily than smooth hair.

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