Synthetic wig care tips

Nowadays, wigs have become very popular, and both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs have been loved by many people. Although synthetic wigs have more color choices and are cheaper, many people don’t choose synthetic wigs because they feel that the life of synthetic wigs is too short. In fact, the life of synthetic wigs can be extended by proper care methods and storage methods. Next, let’s take a look at how to properly care for your synthetic wig.

Synthetic wig care tips

When you brush your wig, you need to pay attention to: Never brush your wigs at once, starting from the bottom, using a special wig brush or wild boar bristle brush to gradually brush up to the hair roots. If the synthetic wig is a straight hair wig  or a wavy hair wig, use a wide-toothed comb. If your wig is a curly hair wig, it is best to gently comb it with your fingers. Watch out! Only brush your wig once it is completely dry and then give it a good shake to give it more volume.

When you wash your wig, you need to pay attention to: Wash the wig after 10-15 times of wearing. Cleaning too often can also cause damage to the wig. Before cleaning your wig, gently untie it with your fingers. Mix the wig shampoo in cold water and don’t apply shampoo directly to the wig. Then soak your synthetic wigs in water for a few minutes. After fully soaking, rinse the wig with clean cold water. Then gently pat the wig with a towel, do not wring it out, then put it on a stand and let it dry naturally. For curly wigs, when the wig is dry, the curls will automatically re-curl. Remember, don’t use a hair dryer, high temperatures can hurt your synthetic wig.

When you store your wig, you need to pay attention to: Do not leave your wig out and unprotected, as it’s a real dust gatherer! After wearing your wig, let it air for several hours with the cap turned inside-out before putting it in its box. Moisture can make your wig moldy. To store your wig, put some rolled up tissue paper inside it, place it in its netting and lay it flat in its box.

If you can develop these good habits and stick to it, your synthetic wigs will definitely take longer. The life of your synthetic wig is largely dependent on your love and care for it.

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