The Best Hair Brush For Your hair Type

Correctly combing your hair will make your hair smoother. Correct combing of the hair will not break the hair and prevent the hair from falling off. The same applies to your human hair wigs. The most important thing to properly comb your hair is to use the hairbrush that best suits your hair type.If you find your split ends are multiplying or your blow dry isn’t going the distance it might not be your hair products that are causing the damage but your brush. 

If your hair is thin or damaged, the best option is to use a soft bristle brush. These bristles will irritate your scalp, increase blood flow and help promote hair growth. We recommend Kent’s best narrow, flat and soft bristle brush because it is very gentle and does not cause any damage.

For thick hair, the best combs should be nylon or synthetic bristles, because they are very flexible and can gently get rid of tangles as your hair moves. You want to avoid boar bristles as they can create static which will make your hair really frizzy. The Thick and Curly Tangle Teezer would be perfect for you as it helps to detangle and smooth your hair while adding lots of shine.

If your hair is curly, it’s best to find a comb that mixes boar and nylon bristles, because the tension can help you relax, but it won’t be too rough. You’ll also get the benefit from the boar bristles as they help to distribute oils and nourish dry ends. But this does not apply to your curly hair wigs, because this comb will cause excessive shedding. You’d better comb your curly hair wig with your fingers.

If your hair is short, then you need a comb that can be brushed to the hair root. It is best to choose a small round brush or a brush with a vent to give you maximum control when heating your shape. Make it easy for you to have a perfect short hair style.

Go find the best comb for your hairstyle. Correct hair combing can keep your hair healthy. Of course, you also need to love your human hair wigs like your own hair, this way your human hair wig can keep its perfect shape all the time. I hope everyone can have a perfect hairstyle. Thanks for reading.

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