The different of high quality human hair wig and ordinary wig

With the continuous development of the wig market, it also locks in the increasing demand for wigs, and now the number of wigs is increasing. But in these many wigs, their quality is not good, there are high-quality human hair wigs, commonly known as the virgin human hair wig, of course, there are general wigs, synthetic wigs, and other material wigs.

High-quality human hair wigs are comfortable and natural, cost-effective, and the average wig is inexpensive, and the effect is naturally not as good as a real hair wig. But many times, because people don’t know the difference between high-quality human hair wig and ordinary wig, it is inevitable to be deceived when buying wigs.

different of high quality human hair wig and ordinary wig

As for the difference between high-quality human hair wigs and ordinary wigs, how do we distinguish them? This is actually very simple:

The difference between the high-end wig custom and the ordinary wig is here. The high-end wig customization is hand-woven with 100% human hair. The real hair comes from the healthy young hair of the young girl in the remote mountain area without uneven dyeing. The thickness is even and smooth. It has the good gloss and high fidelity. It has all the characteristics of real human hair.

It is easy to handle, can be used to wash your hair like your own hair, and can also use styling products such as gel water, mousse and hair gel, and care products. Long, non-deformable, repeatable shape, very simple and convenient, it is a world of difference with ordinary chemical fiber, is one of the high-end accessories.

Whether it is a man or a woman, the most important thing about real-life wig customization is that the effect is real and natural. If it is not true, it will not be the icing on the cake.

At present, most of the wigs on the market are not real wigs but made of chemical fiber. Chemical fiber contains a lot of chemicals, and chemical substances are not easy to cause allergies. Generally, wearing wigs does not cause allergies, but people with a sensitive constitution or chemotherapy Do not wear chemical fiber wigs. When choosing a wig, you should choose a good quality wig, hand-woven woven mesh, comfortable and breathable.

If you want to have a real wig effect, it is recommended to go to a professional institution to purchase or customize it yourself. You can experience the effect of wearing it yourself. The wigs made by real wigs are 100% realistic, not only in the realistic and natural but also in comfort. And the hair quality has a perfect and delicate feeling.

The general professional body is a real person wig made of 100% real human hair crochet, and a special designer to create a perfect hairstyle, so it is very real and natural.

Xuchang Mslynn hair commerce company specializes in real-life wig customization, international simulation technology, the invisible wigless, wigless wig is an upgraded product beyond the ordinary wig, the effect is perfect, almost no trace, as if it is just a substitute for hair And can’t feel its existence.

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