The feeling of wigs and hair extension

As we all know, wigs and hair extension are all types of wig products. They are divided into human hair wigs, human hair bundle with closure and synthetic hair wigs and synthetic hair extensions. However, they give people different feelings. The season of use is also different.

Let’s take a closer look at what is wigs and what is a hair extension.

wigs and hair extension

In wigs, the most popular, the highest usage rate is undoubtedly human hair wigs, what is the human hair wigs? As the name suggests. It is a wig that looks and resembles a hat in use. Its wig cap base is made of various materials, usually lace fabric and human silk fabric. According to the size of the lace fabric, it can be divided into lace front wig, 360 lace front wig, full lace wig.

These are human hair wig, also made of 100% human hair, without adding any animal hair and chemistry. Crude fiber. Especially for the virgin human hair wig, it has not undergone any pickling, and it still has a complete stratum corneum, and the stratum corneum is oriented in the same direction. It is the true virgin hair and the best quality. Human hair wig.

For human hair wig, their most prominent feature is that they are easy to wear and comfortable to use. Inside the wig cap, an elastic band for adjusting the size of the wig cap is also provided, and the user can adjust the size according to his actual situation, which is convenient and quick.

Another synthetic wig, its biggest feature is the rich variety of shapes, with a large number of colorful hair wigs. It is made of chemical crude fiber by chemical processing, the price is lower than human hair wig, but there is no human hair wig authenticity and dyeability.

Whether it is a synthetic wig or a human hair wig, they are generally used in cool weather such as autumn or winter. Because of the wig density and wig cap problem, summer use is inevitably too hot.

Similarly, hair extension can also be divided into hair bundle with closure and human hair bundle with closure. Hair bundle with closure is inexpensive, but it is inevitable to appear unnatural. Although its human hair bundle with closure is relatively expensive, it is made of 100% human hair, like human hair wig, and is naturally true in use.

The hair extension is different from wigs in that it can be used to make hairline lines, make straight bangs, and can also be used to carry out hair continuation. Many times people like the feeling of long hair fluttering, but they only suffer from a short hair. At this time, the hair extension can play its role. People choose the hair bundle, such as straight hair bundle, deep wave hair bundle and so on.

The Hair extension is often used on hot summer days. Compared to human hair wigs, it is more targeted, more breathable and cooler for the exposed scalp in areas where hair loss occurs.

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