Two things you should do to buy a hair bundle & closure

In the days when people have not noticed, the summer has quietly arrived quietly. In general, due to the sultry summer weather, most wig purchasers will choose to buy hair bundles and closures, especially for those who have hair shedding, they still have their own hair, and even a lot, but the part of their scalp areas or hair loss due to stress or other factors, causing part of the scalp to be exposed, using hair bundle & closure is lighter and cooler than using human hair wigs.

However, picking a suitable hair bundle&closure is not something you can do at your own discretion. There are two things you need to do:

Choose the right size

Hair bundle&closure is divided into different sizes and sizes. Before you buy a hair bundle&closure, the first thing you should do is measure the size of the scalp area you want to cover with the hair bundle&closure. You need to use some tools to make measurements. Fortunately, these are easy to do. You need to find a tape measure, then protect the scalp area that you want to cover with the hair bundle&closure, and put some of the surrounding hair to the side to prevent the accuracy of your measurement.

With the above things in place, pick up the tape measure, first measure the width of the specific scalp area, then record the value you need on your prepared notebook and measure the width of the specific scalp area. After you have measured the aspect ratio of a particular scalp, you can go to the product page of the hair bundle&closure you want to buy and select the appropriate size of hair bundle&closure you need.

For hair bundle & closure, there are basically two sizes here, one is a 4 by 4 common hair block – closure, and the other is a small head – the frontal size of 4 by 13.

It should be noted that when you need a hair bundle&closure size between 4 by4 common hair-closures and a size of 4 by 13 small head-frontal, you need to follow the principle of buying big and not buying small, try to choose a hair bundle and closure that is larger than the size you need. If you don’t have a proper consideration, you can also consult the seller to help you make the choice.

Choose the right material

For the summer season, you should try to choose a suitable material of hair bundle and closure, such as 100% human hair braided human hair bundle and closure. Summer is a hot season, sweating your scalp is a very normal and almost inevitable thing. If your choice of hair bundle and closure is made of chemical fiber composite, then you are likely to face the scalp, redness and allergies in sweat, although its price may be lower than the price of human hair bundle and closure.

The choice of hair bundle and closure is a very important thing, you should carefully measure, carefully consider, choose the 100% human hair that suits you.

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