The process of making a human hair wig(一)

With the advancement of science and technology and the gradual improvement of living standards, in addition to hair growth products, people gradually have the product of wigs instead of hair growth agents that are not conducive to human health. Among these rich and varied types of wigs, human hair wigs are the most eye-catching and most popular type of wig. 

With the gradual understanding of human hair wigs, more and more people are willing to choose human hair wigs for use. So as the human hair wigs gradually progressed, some curious little friends began to wonder how it was made. Below, we will explain in detail for everyone, how to make human hair wigs.

process of making a human hair wig

First of all, as we all know, human hair wig is different from synthetic wigs, not chemically synthesized. It is derived from 100% human hair. In most cases, it is made by hand or machine weaving.

The first process: cutting

Hair with a very long size cannot be used directly as a wig and needs to be cut to the required length. This process is called cutting

Here are the cut hairs of the cut hair, which can be made into straight hair wig and short hair. If the color of the finished wig is mixed, the hair must be color-matched according to the drawings. For example, 2T33 color is composed of 2nd color and 33rd color. When opening, two colors must be opened.

The second process: whole hair

The newly cut hair is messy and needs to be combed. At the same time, some color-mixed wigs need to be evenly divided by this process. The tool for the whole hair is the large steel tooth comb in the figure. For example, wine red and natural black, you can mix these two colors through this process. Two-color, three-color, and even multi-color can be completed through the whole hair process.

The third process: pound hair

Each kind human hair wig has a specified weight. It is too thick and unnatural. It is obviously too thin. The staff needs to scale according to the drawings and determine the corresponding wig density. For example, 360 lace wig can arrange 180% density wig, but full lace wig and lace front wig can’t arrange a 180% density wig, they can only arrange a 130% density.

Wig and 150% density wig. The weight of the process directly affects the production process below, so this process is very important.

The fourth process: discharge

All the previous preparations were necessary. From the beginning of this process, I was really exposed to the secrets of making wigs. Discharge is to make the hair on a line, the workers have just good hair, and they are connected together through these three discharge machines. This type of dispenser is not readily available on the market and must be modified by the mechanics in the factory before it can be used.

The level of its modification technology directly affects the quality of the discharge, such as whether the wig is easy to fall off, this process plays a vital role. Therefore, the high-level mechanics of the factory are generally quite high.

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