The type of hair bundle and closure which is suitable for black

As we all know, due to some natural genetic inheritance, black friends’ hair is naturally curly and sparse, so their demand for wig products is very large.

In the wig products they often choose to use, in addition to human hair wigs, there is also a wig product called human hair bundle and closure. This product is a wig product in the form of a wig hat different from a human hair wig, but like a human hair wig, it is made from 100% human hair.

hair bundle and closure

It can be used to make hairline lines, send and receive, reissue and more. Moreover, a certain size and number of people can be made into a human hair wig when closed.

In addition to these, there are other different types of hair bundles and closures. According to the hair quality and source area, it can be divided into four different hairs: Peruvian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, and Brazilian hair. According to the softness and hardness of hair, Peru’s hair is the softest and Brazilian hair is the hardest.

Peruvian hair is thick, straight, or slightly wavy, usually thicker than Brazilian hair and rougher in texture. Peru’s hair is very light, but it offers more size and looks very natural for African-American women. Because the thickness of the hair is relatively high, you can choose a thinner hair bundle and closure.

Indian hair is a type of hair that is slightly harder than Peruvian hair. In general, Indian hair that people often choose is called 100% virgin Indian hair. This is a kind of hair from India, called for 100% human hair, it has never been chemically treated by the manufacturer.

The absence of chemical treatment here means that the chemical is not processed, meaning that the hair is not dyed, bleached or permed to change color or texture. Its textures range from smooth straight hair to deep curled Indian hair.

Malaysian hair is the most popular Malaysian curl. It is heavy and thick and has a beautiful natural luster compared to Peruvian hair. The hair is well curled and is ideal for women of African or African-American Caribbean. Due to its natural soft texture, it may not retain curl like other types of hair, but it is the most comfortable to use.

Brazilian hair is generally derived from the Brazilian origin, remote rural areas, and another natural, healthy and strong hair that has not been damaged by any dyeing. Because its hair is relatively hard. Therefore, the pattern is more durable and more durable. With natural and healthy texture and shiny luster, it looks more beautiful and healthy. This kind of hair is generally more popular with black women in South America.

For black friends, it is generally best for them. Their favorite hair should be Malaysian hair and Brazilian hair. These two hairs are more durable and durable and are more suitable for black friends in texture. 

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