Tips about wearing wigs in summer

The wig is my good friend, it can make me more beautiful. Although I was hotter than others because of wearing a human hair wig on a hot summer day, I still can’t give up wearing a human hair wig. I don’t know if you have been wearing a wig in the summer, will you feel the same with me? I wear a wig it s hard to cool my head down, and the moisture goes into the wig base. especially when I m rushing around. All in all it’s not ideal, nobody likes a sweaty head and a damp wig.

 Tips about wearing wigs in summer

Later I thought of some ways to make our possible small heads less hot. Then I want to share it with you. Let us all be comfortable for a beautiful summer.

First of all, the choice of wig is very important. If the economic situation allows, try to choose full lace wig. Full lace wig uses a lot of lace, so his breathability is very good, since the weather is very hot, your scalp will not feel stuffy. If you think that full lace wig is expensive, then you can choose the 130 density lace front wig. Don’t choose too thick hair, it won’t make you feel so hot.

Second, tie the hair up. You can make a hair braid or tie a ponytail. Don’t let your hair pile up on your neck. If you still feel very hot, you can find some opportunities to get some cold water on the inside of the wrist and behind the neck, which will also allow you to cool down quickly.

The third is about your human hair wigs, in the summer we will do our own sunscreen, but will someone give their wigs sunscreen? In fact, the wig is very afraid of the direct sunlight, so we must also do a good job of moisturizing and sunscreening the hair. Regular cleaning and care can help your hair moisturize well, so your wig can be used for a longer period of time. Avoid direct sunlight, if you go out at noon, you can take an umbrella. So it’s best to choose a glueless lace wig so that you can easy remove it and wear it. 

I have shared my experience with you all, I hope to be useful to you. If you have good idea, welcome to share to us.

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