Ways to avoid hair fading

Hair dyeing is something that many beautiful girls have tried, and even many girls who pursue fashion often change the color of their hair. But often dyed hair is harmful to your hair and your health, so many people choose to buy some colorful wigs in order not to hurt their hair. But one sad thing in life is that you can’t stop your colorful wigs or your hair from fading.But you can slow down the process and make your colors look fresher, better, and more vibrant for a long time. Keep reading this blog and you’ll find an easy way to protect your hair color from the cruel reality of life.

color hair

First, don’t use too hot water to bathe.I know that many people like to take a hot shower. But the problem is that cold water is milder to colored hair. Hot water can actually reopen the stratum corneum of the hair and let the color escape. On the other hand, cold water can lock your color. Although this is difficult to do, we recommend that you use warm water to wash your human hair wigs when taking a bath.

Second, avoid sulfates in shampoo and conditioner. When choosing shampoo, choose a shampoo with special effects. Sulfates can strip your hair of color, so it s important to wash and condition your strands with color-safe products only. 

Third, stay away from the sun. Excessive sun exposure is not only harmful to the skin, but also accelerates the fading of the hair. UV rays can penetrate the stratum corneum, oxidize or bleach your color. Lace wigs need to avoid sunlight when they are worn, and should avoid sunlight when they are stored. If you know that you have to stay outside for a whole day, you should also bring a cute hat.

Fourth, don’t wash your hair often. Just like our clothes, washing our clothes often will fade. The less hair you wash, the better your color will be. Unless your hair is very oily, you must not wash your hair every day. Usually your hair can be washed once every three or four days, and the lace wigs can be washed once a week.

Finally, replenishing moisture. when your hair dries or becomes brittle, it actually fades more easily. Replenishing moisture is the key. Once a week, apply a deep conditioning treatment or hair mask to your mid-lengths and ends. Then leave it on for at least one hour. Moisture is the essence of hair color longevity.

Keep the following points in mind, and it will definitely make your hair color last longer. Don’t worry about fading your hair, be a happy fashion girl.

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