What about hair loss after pregnancy

If you notice that your hair starts to fall off after pregnancy, don’t panic. Hair loss is a normal phenomenon after pregnancy. After reading this blog, you will learn how to deal with postpartum hair loss and how to help your scalp and hair stay healthy, go back to the perfect hairstyle before your pregnancy.

What about hair loss after pregnancy

Of course, if you want to solve the problem, you must first know what the problem is. So let’s first understand why hair loss occurs after childbirth. Usually, a person loses 100 hairs per day on average. During pregnancy, estrogen levels rise and extend the growth phase of the hair, which means less hair loss, which is why you may feel that your hair is very thick and unbelievable. So, when you give birth to a beautiful baby, your hormones begin to return to normal levels, so hair that should fall off during pregnancy will fall off immediately. But if your hair loss lasts for more than 12 weeks, you need make an appointment with your doctor.

Knowing the cause of hair loss, we began to talk about ways to solve hair loss. Many mothers who love beauty will choose to use the human hair lace wigs or human hair bundles to quickly solve the problem of hair loss. Although that is a good idea, it will take some time if we first solve this problem from the root.

First, we need to maintain healthy hair through a good diet and continue to take prenatal vitamin supplements. Then try and boost blood flow to your scalp to feed your hair roots by massaging your scalp for two or three minutes on a morning. Be extra kind to your scalp during this ‘shedding season’. Shampoo only when necessary,and use a good moisturizing conditioner.  Finally, you have to pay attention avoid tying your hair in a tight ponytail, instead try to use scrunchies rather than small hairbands or rubber bands. Be kind to your hair, make sure to get it trimmed regularly to keep it in tip top shape and avoid heat styling such as flat ironing, curling, or blow drying which can further damage your locks. Try to avoid using heating tools, give blow-drying, straighteners and curlers a break. High temperatures and chemicals are not friendly to your sensitive hair follicles.

The hair has a growth cycle of 7 years, so it can change slowly and naturally over time; pregnancy accelerates the process, so hair changes can be sudden. This is actually a great opportunity, you may want to try a short hair style, or change a new hair color. Let the crisis turn into a turn.

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