What are the different types of wig hair fiber?

When we choose a wig, we will find that there are many different types of fibers to choose from. They each have their own characteristics and are designed using different technologies. The popular wigs are mainly divided into the following three major categories: Human hair, Remy hair and synthetic hair. This blog will help you introduce their features in detail.

types of wig

Human hair wig is made from 100 human hair. It can be dyed, straightened or hot. You can treat it like your own hair. However, while traditional hot styling and coloring are achievable, it is recommended to avoid increasing color or increasing depth for best results. Because human hair needs to be reshaped after each wash, it requires more molding time and maintenance time than synthetic fibers. Human hair wigs is considered to be the most natural type of fiber, more durable.

The Remy hair is real and the highest quality of human hair. But usually more expensive and heavier. The hair is hand-knotted in the direction of the individual’s hair growth. The hair follicles are in the same direction from the root to the tip of the hair, so that the hair is not easy to knot, making the finished wig look gorgeous and natural. The Remy hair wigs is softer and looks more natural. When comparing the hair of the Remy hair wigs and the human hair wigs, there are also obvious differences in appearance and feeling.

Artificial hair is a man-made fiber. There are different types of synthetic hair fibers such as acrylic, polyester, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and carnacle. Not all synthetic fibers are the same in quality. You can easily see the difference between high quality fibers and other fibers, which is determined by the gloss of the fibers. Lower quality fibers are more shiny in appearance and less realistic in texture and motion. 

After learning about the different types of wigs, we can conclude that remy hair wig is the highest quality, most natural, and most expensive wig. Human hair wig is the most cost-effective, also very natural and beautiful wig. But both wigs require more time to take care of. Synthetic hair is a cheap wig and doesn’t take much time to manage, but it has a short life and the hair looks the most unnatural.

Each type of wig has its own advantages and disadvantages, so we can’t say what is the best type. It can only be said that it is the best for youis the best. You only need to choose the wig that suits you best according to your own situation.

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