What is human hair wigs density?

When we buy human hair wigs online, it is usually asked a question: what density wig do you want? When we place an order, we will also see an option: Density. But what is human hair wigs density?

Only choose the right density to choose the human hair wigs that suits you best. Let us study together today, what is human hair wigs density?

First of all, what I learned Density is defined as how thick or thin the hair on your lace wig will be. The best selling human hair wigs type and density is lace front wig 130 density wig and 150 density wig , 360 lace front wig 150 density wig and 180 density wig . Full lace wig 130 density wig and 150 density.

So with so many patterns and so much density, how do you choose?

Since we know that density refers to the thickness of the hair. Then we can first consider from the perspective of personal preference, whether you like to look fuller hair, or like a more natural looking hair.

If you like more natural looking hair, you choose the standard density of each type wig, like 130 density full lace wigs or lace front wigs, 150 density 360 lace front wigs. If you like wig that looks fuller, you can choose a higher density.

The second factor to consider is the size of your head.If your head is large and you have chosen a high-density wig, it will look cumbersome. Or your head is small, and you choose a low-density wig that will look discordant. We wear wigs to make up for our shortcomings and make ourselves look beautiful.

So you must choose the wig that suits you best. If your head is small, you can consider 180 density wig. On the contrary, you can choose a lower density human hair wigs. But no matter how you choose, you must pay attention to moderation,too extreme will bring the opposite effect.

The last point is the pattern of the human hair wigs. Curls look more full than straight hair. For example, a water wave lace wig of the same density will look fuller than a straight lace wig. You can also choose the density of your wig based on the pattern you want.

If you want more full hair, many wig factories are customizable. I hope this blog will help you choose the density of the wig that suits you best.

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