What is the best density for human hair wigs

Human hair wig is a wig made with human hair hand tied to a lace base. Human hair wig have been worn by celebrities for years but are recently becoming known to the general public.

There is a very critical condition in choosing a wig, but many do not understand what it means, that is hair density. Below I will give you a detailed introduction to what is the density of hair, how to choose the hair density that suits you, in order to make your wig look more natural.

1. What is the density of hair?

Wig Density is defined as how thick or thin the hair on your lace wig will be. The three best-selling wigs today are 360 lace front wig, full lace wig, and lace front wig. The density of 360 wig is 150% and 180% density, the density of full lace wig and lace front wig is 130% and 150% density. These three wigs are 150 densities which are the best sellers. But if you want to look fuller hair, you can customize the density, I heard that you can now customize 200% density and 250 density, it should be very thick wig.

2. How to choose the density of the wig

First look at your personal hobbies. If you like full-bodied hair, then you can choose 180% density 360 lace wig. If you like to look good, very natural hair you can choose 150% density wig. But if your head is small, or if you like thin hair and don’t want your head to look so heavy, you can choose 130% density wig or full lace wig.

Secondly, you can choose wig density according to the season. If you are buying wigs on a hot summer day, then you are advised to buy a 130% density human hair lace wig. The thinner hair has good breathbility and can not be so hot. You wash It is also very convenient. But if you buy hair in the cold winter, you can choose 150% density wig or 180% density 360 lace wig. Choose thick hair in winter, not only to keep warm but also make your appearance look more suitable. Think about it, if you are wrapped in a thick coat with a thin hair, is it a bit uncoordinated?

In general, the best for you is the best. After reading this, I believe that you can make the most correct choice. As long as you choose the right density, you can create the most natural hair style.

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