What Is The Best wig for blacks

With the increasing demand for wigs and the development of the wig market, various wig products are full of them, including human hair wigs and various synthetic wigs. In fact, for some people who do not have high-quality requirements for wigs, such as actor or stylist models who need to do some special styling, real human hair or synthetic wigs have little difference and influence for them. But for some people who buy wigs for practical purposes, real-life wigs and synthetic wigs have a more obvious impact on them, so for black friends, what kind of wigs are the best for them. What about it?

I think that real hair wigs are best for black friends.

Main reason:

The relationship between blacks and wigs can be regarded as the relationship between subject and object. For wigs, blacks are their service objects, and this object is non-fixed, then they are naturally the subject of the relationship. First of all, black friends live between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer. They are located in the tropical and subtropical regions. The climate is hot and the desert Gobi is dry and rainy all year round. The climate is hot. The synthetic wigs are made of some human hair, animal hair and various chemically synthesized crude fibers. Breathe-ability and comfort are very poor. The living areas of black friends are hot and dry for many years. Synthetic wigs are used. It is easy to cause redness and swelling of the scalp and all kinds of unpredictable allergies caused by hot and airy scalp sweating. But the real person will not be like this. The real person is made of 100% human hair. It is breathable and naturally comfortable. It is worn on the black people’s scalp just like the real hair that the scalp itself grows. A phenomenon of allergies.

Object cause

For black friends, wigs are object-to-subject relationships for them. Real-life wigs are hand-woven by workers. They can be used for much longer than synthetic wigs, which can be used for a year or so. Wigs can only be used for two to three months. And the human hair wig is designed reasonably, the lace and various other fabrics are designed to fit the scalp completely, and the various stitching is humanized, which does not hinder and prevent the normal growth of natural hair, but the synthetic wig does not have this advantage.

Although synthetic wigs have more wig colors, gold, blue, red, etc. than real hair wigs, these colorful wig colors are not suitable for the daily use of black people. The wig hair of ruiyu hair has so far produced a variety of colorful hair wigs, and the choice of color and the design of various hairstyles are more suitable for black skin.

If you are interested in these, you are welcome to contact us, we will design the most suitable type of wig for you, and choose the most suitable hair wig for your skin color.

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