What is the difference between a wig and a hair bundle?

Wig and a hair bundle are two different types of wigs. Generally speaking, the two types of wigs are definitely different. Recently, many people have asked: What is the difference between a wig and a hair bundle? Are the two wig products using the same effect? Do you know the feel of the use of a wig and a hair bundle in your daily use?

In order to solve everyone’s doubts, today we will tell you in detail, What is the difference between a wig and a hair bundle.

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First of all, before explaining the difference between the two, we must first tell everyone about the relationship between the two, so that everyone can more accurately grasp the relationship between the two. In general, the wig is divided into human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. The wig in mslvnn hair is human hair wig. This wig has a good effect and is naturally comfortable and breathable. Hair bundles can generally be divided into the above two materials, but in general, for hair bundles, people often use human hair bundles.

Different ways of use

Wig refers to a wig cap made of a wig and a wig base. It is suitable for people with a bald head or hair that has mostly fallen off. People can also use a hair bundle, but it is a wig that can be worn directly on the head compared to the wig. It is more troublesome and more energy-consuming. The hair bundle is generally used to make a hairline or to fill a bare scalp that loses hair. It can also be used to make a straight bang.

Its use is more extensive than a wig, and the hair bundle is generally more suitable for those who are hair shedding and those who specialize in the need to change hairstyles frequently. And wig is more inclined to people who are bald because of natural causes or major diseases.

Different Seasons

For the sweltering summer, the use of the wig is inevitably too hot, because it has high hair density and is completely covered by the wig cap. For some non-lace wigs, it is weak, summer. Wearing it will make it easier to feel uncomfortable. The hair bundle can be a good relief for people’s summer sultry because it only uses the hair bundle where the specific scalp needs it. Compared with the wig, it has a lower wig density and more breathability, it is good.

Different price

In general, the wig is more expensive, especially for a human hair wig, which is more expensive. For a human hair bundle of the same material, it is cheaper. In the same way, its price is usually half that of a human hair wig, and sometimes it is even one-third of it.

Despite these differences, they are all for the convenience of people. There is no better statement. You can choose your own wig product according to your needs, human hair wig or human hair bundle.

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