what is the types of lace wigs

As people’s demand for wigs continues to increase, there are now many different wig products in the society, such as human hair wig, Brazilian wigs, synthetic wigs, and a type of wig called lace wigs in Mslynn hair. Do you know what is the lace wigs, what is the types of lace wigs? If you do not know it clearly, please read this article, it will tell you detail.

A lace wig is a type of wig, which refers to a part of the lace used in making the wig cap and the lace wig of the wig fixed by the base. The lace wig is more breathable than the wig base of other materials, and it is not easy to expose the advantages of the wig.

Imagine if you used a translucent lace wig that fits snugly on your scalp and looks almost integrated. You will worry about discovering that you are using a wig when designing any hairstyle you want. What’s the scene? Of course, not, its design is user-friendly, it fits more closely on the scalp, and it is more breathable. No matter how long the hair on your lace wig is, it will not affect the breathing of your scalp.

In the Mslynn hair, you could find many types of lace wig, such as lace front wig, 360 lace front wig, and full lace wig. Lace front wig, as the name suggests, it is the front lace wig. This lace wig lace coverage area in the forehead and the first half of the scalp, because the lace coverage area is relatively small, it is more suitable for those who have higher hairline or scarce forehead hair, the price is relatively low, probably the price is seven Between 70-80 dollars.

The 360 lace front wig adds lace coverage to the lace front wig. Its coverage is within 360 degrees of the wig cap, and its price is naturally more expensive than the lace front wig, between 80-90 dollars.

The lace coverage of the last lace wig-full lace wig can reach about 85%, and the breathe-ability is stronger. The choice of any hairstyle is the least risk to the wig cap. So its price is the highest, at about $120-130. If your hair is scarce, I suggest you choose 360 lace wig or full lace wig.

In addition, no matter what type of lace headgear, they are hand-woven from 100% human hair, and they all have many hairstyles.such as straight hair, kinky curly hair, water wave hair and so on. If you like colorful hair wigs, you can also choose the color of any lace wig according to your preference. Such as Mslynn color brown #2 #4 and Mslynn 613 color blonde hair.

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