What should I pay attention to when wearing a wig?

Many people wear wigs not because their own hair is not good, they are to be more beautiful, in order to change more styles. But if you mistakenly wear a wig, it will have the opposite effect. As a new wig enthusiast, do you know what to pay attention to when wearing a wig?

First we need to choose the human hair wigs that suits you best. Only when the wig is right for you can you look beautiful. There are three main aspects to choosing a wig.

1.Human hair wig density

Choose the density of the wig based on the size of your own head and the style you like. Generally, the greater the wig density, the thicker the wig looks. For example, 180 density wig will look fuller than 150 density wig. 360 lace wig have 150 density and 180 density, lace frontal wig and glueless full lace wig have 130 density and 150 density. These three wigs do not differ in the quality of the hair. They mainly differ in the area of the hair cap and the lace.

The most expensive glueless full lace wig is hand-stitched, with the most lace, the most breathable and natural. 360 lace wig uses lace around the cap, while the front lace wig only uses lace on the forehead of the cap. You can choose the one that suits you best in the range that you can afford.

1.Human hair Wig size

Only the size of the wig cap is best for your head circumference, the wig looks more natural. Normal the wig cap is average size 22.5 inch, you need to carefully measure the circumference of your head. If your head is small, you can order a small cap.

2.Human hair lace color

The color of lace is divided into three types: light brown lace, middle brown lace, dark brown lace. Choose a lace that is closest to your skin tone, that will can make your human hair wigs look more natural.

Then we need create An Natural Hairline On Your Wig.Your own hairline is naturally uneven, so if your wig’s hairline is too straight and perfect, it looks definitely unnatural. You can use the tweezers to carefully pull a few hairs from the natural wig hairline. The main focus is to gradually fade from the hairline to the rest of the hair. Create very thin and short baby hair.

The last thing we need to do is style your human hair wigs. When you wear a wig, you can ask your hair stylist for help. You can trim the wig properly to make the wig more suitable for your face, which will look more natural.

Just remember a few things and start your pleasant human hair wigs trip.

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