What type of wig looks most natural?

In the last article, we talked about the difference between a human hair wig and a synthetic wig and different production processes, but many people don’t understand what the difference between the two is, and which wig looks more natural.

This answer is actually clear at a glance. The human hair wig is completely hand-woven from the girl in the remote mountain area without hot dyeing. The hair of uniform length and thickness is naturally more natural than the chemically synthesized coarse fiber. It is also more comfortable, and there will be no allergies such as redness, itching and so on.

From the material point of view, the material of the human hair wig is more natural than the material of the synthetic wig. This is undeniable. However, we know that after making a wig, the wig can be divided into three different wigs according to the size of its scalps, such as lace front wig, 360 lace front wig, and full lace wig. Many people face a new problem it is that they also do not know which type of wig looks most natural. Then, we will tell you in detail according to the difference and effect of these three different types of wigs, what type of wig natural.

First of all, from a lace front wig, the wig has the least part of the lace. Only the front part of the scalp and the wig on the forehead are made of lace. Other materials are made of silk or other fabrics, but you choose a hairstyle that needs to be put together and fixed together like a ball head. The lace front wigs made of other fabrics of silk goods will be exposed so that others can find out that you are using a wig at a glance. This kind of wig is not natural to use.

The 360 lace wig has been improved on the basis of the lace front wig, and the lace coverage area of the wig scalp has been enlarged. As we all know, the lace has a strong breathe-ability, a more fitting and natural effect. On the basis of the lace front wig, 360 lace wig expands the lace that originally covers only the forehead and the front half of the scalp to the wig cap. The person who chooses to design the hairstyle into a ball head will not be found. The wig, but it still has a fatal flaw. That is, if people design their hairstyles into vertical or curly hair, they still can’t avoid the fact that they are found to use wigs.

Therefore, no matter what hairstyles people choose, it will look natural. The last wig-full lace wig is definitely the best for people. Although its price is about 30% higher than other types of wigs, its convenience is much higher than that of 30%, which means it is very cost-effective. Moreover, at many festivals, its price will drop. If you like this seemingly natural wig and don’t want to pay too much money, you can choose to buy it during the holiday season.

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