What You Should Know Before You Buy Hair bundles?

As you can see, hair style is very important to our overall shape. More and more girls choose to change their styling through hair bundles. If you want to join them, then let’s learn some knowledge about human hair products.

1. Why choose human hair bundles?

Fast, easy, and selective. Imagine how long it takes you to grow your hair to the length you want. Now, imagine, go to a hair stylist you trust, sit in a chair for hours or less, and then go out with the hair you always wanted. What is your choice?

2.What are the types of human hair bundles?

According to the origin of raw materials can be divided into four: Brazilian hair bundles, Peruvian hair bundles, Malaysian hair bundles, Indian hair bundles. According to hair pattern can be divided into six: straight hair bundles,body wave hair bundles, kinky curly hair bundles, kinky straight hair bundles, deep wave hair bundles,water wave hair bundles.

3.What can I do with human hair bundles?

For example, you can use 3 water wave bundles with closure make a water wave human hair wigs. You don’t need human hair wig, you just want your hair to look fuller, you can add a bundle to your own hair to make your hair look fuller. If you are short hair, but you don’t have time to wait for a long time, then  hair bundles are your best choice. In fact, it has many many USES, waiting for you to discover.

4.How should I care for my hair bundles?

Human hair bundles just like our own hair, we can treat it like our own hair. We can straighten our hair bundles or give our hair bundles a hot roll, even we can dye our hair bundles. That’s why we need to take it like our own hair. We need wash hair bundles regularly with hair conditioner, no shampoo. wash and deep condition the hair before install , if the hair bundles become dry, add a few drops of Oliver oil to hair conditioner, and wash once to twice a week, it can effectively Preserve Moisture. If the hair is knotted, use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb from the end to the top. If you hair is curly hair bundles, don’t use the come, just need your finger.

With this knowledge, you can start your hair bundles journey. I hope you can buy the hair bundles you like and use it to make the most of it.

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