Which is better, wig or hair bundles?

Many people will encounter a problem when they start to buy wig products. Should I buy human hair wig or hair bundles? In fact, I can’t give you a completely correct answer to this question. You need to ask yourself a few questions first. 1 Is your hair healthy? 2. Do you like to change your hair style and color frequently? 3. Do you have time to go to the hair salon to take care of your hair.

In fact, human hair wig and hair bundles are similar. They are made from human hair collection. If you care well, they can be used for 6 months to a year.
But they are also very different, the biggest difference between them is the degree of scalp coverage, human hair wig can completely cover the scalp, there are some small combs in the wig cap, you can wear it directly on the head, you can create a new hairstyle in just a few minutes. Virgin hair bundles can only cover a small part of the scalp or cover the scalp at all. You need to find a professional hair stylist to sew wigs for you, or to fix these hair bundles on your own hair.

The advantages of the human hair wig

1. Easy to install, you just need to take it out of the box and clean it before you can wear it.

2. Convenient cleaning, fixed once a week to clean, can also effectively extend the life of the hair.

3. Quickly create your new look. If there are some special occasions where you don’t have much time to prepare, then human hair wig is your best choice, such as the graduation season dance, wedding.

The advantages of the human hair bundles

1. The price is lower, hair bundles is more cheap human hair .

2.Hair bundles can customize the wig that suits you better. Although you need to contact the hair stylist to make wig, you can control the size of the wig cap and control the density of wig yourself. You can use more hair bundles, if you want to look fuller. If you don’t like too thick hair, you can use less hair bundles.

3. If you just feel that your hair is a little too small, you only want your hair to look fuller, then hair bundles are your best choice.

Now that you understand the benefits of each of the two, you can choose the product that best suits you based on my first three questions. If your hair is healthy and you like to change your hair often, then choose hair bundles. If your hair is not very good and you don’t have much time to spend on your hair, then human hair wig is definitely your best choice.

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