Why are human hair wigs so “expensive”

Wigs have been popular for a long time, and for many people wigs have become their daily necessities. But there are still many people who need a long time to buy a human hair lace front wig. Do you want to know why human hair wigs are so expensive? Why are there so many people to buy so expensive? After you understand the wig’s production process, you may understand why wigs are so expensive. Let’s walk you through the main steps of making a human hair wig.

Why are human hair wigs so “expensive”

First, get the best quality raw materials. The quality of the hair used to make the wig determines 50% of its price. There are several kinds of hair on the wig market. The best quality hair is called Virgin hair. The virgin hair is untreated, which means that the hair is not permed, dyed, colored, etc. when collected. Donors must have long, full, healthy hair, so they usually come from young women and usually do not have white hair or split ends. This kind of hair is very rare in itself, so the price is not too cheap. After collecting the hair, we use professional liquid chemicals and equipment to clean and disinfect the hair to make the hair healthy without any odor.

Complex production processes, which are another major factor affecting the price of human hair wigs. Craftsmen need to put each hair into the cap and put a knot. For a full lace wig, this takes at least 40 hours of work to complete. Higher wig density, such as 150% density or 180% density, also require more time because more hair must be tied. 

Finally, design the human hair wigs. Some staff are responsible for the style or dyed hair according to the designer’s instructions. After this dyeing process, the designer combines the colors to create a style that produces effects such as highlights, low light, dark tones, and mixed colors. Designers also need to add root color to some wigs. For all of these steps, professionals need to test colors, combinations, and lines, and record each formula and step to ensure a consistent wig style.

After this series of steps, the production of the wig is completed. Every step requires a lot of people to give time and effort to get a perfect wig. Now you can understand why the price of human hair wigs is so expensive? Although expensive, there are still many people who like it because it looks very natural and beautiful, and it is very comfortable to wear. It can quickly changes our hairstyle, making us more beautiful and confident. Are you sure you don’t want to try a human hair wig?

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