Why are so many people choosing human hair wigs?

With the development of the wig market, the types of wigs are also increasing. The materials are divided into two types: synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. Although synthetic wigs are much cheaper than real-life wigs, it is inevitable that there are still many people who choose real-life wigs. What is the reason? We will conduct an in-depth analysis on this.

a woman who choose human hair wig.

High-quality raw materials, natural comfort

It is well known that raw materials for synthetic wigs are mostly derived from chemical crude fibers and animal hair, and the raw material costs are low, and these materials are obtained by chemical pickling treatment, so that they are not natural enough to be used. However, the raw material for real hair wigs is 100% human hair, which is relatively high in cost from healthy and strong hair without any hot dye in remote areas.

And during the treatment, virgin hair and Remy-hair are not pickled and still retain the hair of the original stratum corneum. The quality of the raw materials is high, the use is more natural, comfortable, and can be perfectly blended with the human hair. It looks like the original bare hair grows like hair. It is much simpler and more practical than some hair tonics, and there is no side effect.

Can support a variety of hairstyles

In general, the shape of synthetic wigs may be more than the shape of real hair wigs, but with the development of real hair wigs, today’s real hair wigs also have many hairstyles. If you like short hair, then bob lace wig of various sizes and hairstyles, if you like straight hair, here is straight hair wig, if you like curly hair, there are many different curls to choose from, such as deep wave hair, water wave hair kinky curly and so on.

You can use these different types of hairstyles to design a variety of shapes that suit you, don’t worry, because it is a real person, to a certain extent you can use it as your own hair Treat it.

Support dyeing

The human hair wig has a feature that synthetic wigs do not have, that is, it can support dying because its raw material is real human hair, so it has the same function as real human hair, you can choose to dye according to your own preferences. Color, if you are afraid of damage, you can also give it to a professional to help you dye.

Long use time

In general, for synthetic wigs, it has a short period of use, usually within two to three months, but the life of a human hair wig is long, normally under a year or so, as long as you can properly keep it. Although the price of a human hair wig is higher than that of a synthetic wig, it is comfortable to wear, natural, breathable, and cost-effective. Perhaps this is why people like to choose a real hair wig.

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