Why do men prefer women with long hair

Women often spend a lot of time, money and energy to make their hair as glamorous as possible. A beautiful hairstyle will make women more confident and in many cases will be more attractive to their partner. Whether it is beautiful long hair or a playful short hair, it has its own unique beauty. But why do men prefer long-haired women? In response to this situation, we have made the following analysis, for reference only, without any scientific basis.

Long hair can highlight female charm.

Long hair is traditionally related to femininity. I am sure that nearly half of the men listed long, thick curly hair as the sexiest hairstyle in their minds. For many men, the ideal woman should be a radiant, bling, yet powerful, seductive, pure, beautiful, cute, fruitful woman. Long hair is beautiful and sexy, adding extra femininity to women, making people look more feminine.

Good hairstyle can make you more beautiful.

In some cases, hair styling itself is an art form, and long hair has more creative possibilities. In most cases, hair can enhance the beauty of women, and different hairstyles give you different styles and different feeling. If you are short hair, then you occasionally want to try to convert different styles, maybe you can use the human hair bundles to increase the length of your hair. But what I want to say is that a woman with beautiful long hair is actually more attractive to men than a woman with a dirty and thin ponytail. Of course this is not absolute.

Long Hair Helps Avoid Confusion

Men are more likely to help women whose hair hangs naturally on their necks and shoulders. Because of their concept, women need protection and help. In the past, long hair was always a feature of women. When I saw long hair, I thought of women. However, with the development and progress of social civilization, the image of women is not limited. You can be a girl with long hair fluttering, you can also be a pretty short-haired woman, you can also be a strong and confident bald girl. Of course, boys can also stay long hair.

Of course, if you have beautiful long hair, you need spend more time caring for it. You may go to a hair salon every month to do styling or to do care, and then this time becomes your partner’s carnival time. He can see a football match or drink beer with friends. So if your partner says that she likes your long hair, it may be for you to be more beautiful or for a little free time of his own.

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