Why do we need to clean the wig?

Wigs are becoming an indispensable part of our daily lives, and more and more people are choosing to use wigs because they are quick and easy. Whether it is hair loss or because of congenital or other accidents, the hair is scarce. It seems that for them, the wig is far better for other hair-generating agents, because it has almost no side effects, and it works quickly and works well.

a people who is washing a wig.

Among the many types of wigs, in general, the most popular for people to use is the human hair wig. Because it is used for a long time, it is naturally comfortable to use. But when we use wigs, please don’t forget to clean it. Maybe many people don’t understand why we need to clean her. Because the cleaning of the wig has a great impact on your use.

I believe that for many people, the price of a real person wig is not cheap, and the cheapest is also tens of dollars. We have spent so much money to pick a suitable wig, so we choose to protect it so that it can be extended for life.

Proper cleaning helps extend the life of real hair wigs

A human hair wig is made from 100% human hair. In essence, it is the same as your real hair. Imagine what would happen if you didn’t wash your hair for a long time? The scalp is itchy, the hair is oily, and the most important thing is that you will find your hair is particularly easy to fall off. This is because your scalp has not been cleaned for a long time, and various kinds of bacterial waste have gathered here. They make the hair roots very fragile, and they are easily affected by external forces and can easily be uprooted. Not to mention your hair will become rough and knotted.

The same is true for human hair wigs. If you don’t clean it for a long time, it will become rough, and the dirty things gathered inside will make your hair entangled, extremely difficult to care for, and not easy to wear. In the long run, it will inevitably affect the service life of human hair wigs.

Proper wig cleaning is beneficial to the use of wigs

The wig’s long-term non-cleaning and preservation will cause the wig’s hair to be fragile and easily damaged, which will inevitably affect the use effect. After all, who would be willing to leave a dirty wig? Properly cleaned human hair wigs will be easier to care for, making it easier to design some hairstyles, but if your wig has not been cleaned for a long time, you will find that your wig is very difficult to clean. The roots are entangled, difficult to straighten out, and combed. If you happen to want to design a braided hairstyle, you will feel very distressed because you can’t straighten it out of this hair, let alone use it to compile it.

In addition to these, you will find that the wig is not so comfortable to wear during the wearing process. The wig has been stored on the net for a long time without cleaning, which will inevitably affect the breathability of the wig hair net. You may also think that the scalp starts to itch because some bacteria start to run from your real hair wig to your scalp when you sweat, which may affect the natural growth of your hair.

Please clean your wig regularly, not too often, six to seven weeks at a time.

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