Why is human hair more popular than synthetic hair

Human hair wigs and synthetic wigs have been popular for many years, and I believe that everyone knows them very well. They all have their own advantages, and different customers have different choices. But in fact human hair wigs is more popular than synthetic wigs ? Today we will share with you to find out why human hair lace wigs are more popular.

human hair wigs

First, natural texture and true touch. We all know that human hair wigs is made from 100% real human hair. When collecting human hair, it will distinguish the level of hair. Some hair donate have never used irritating shampoos, heat or hair dyes, which gives the complete wig an extraordinary texture. This grade of hair is not processed, and it is made into a Remy hair wig after high temperature sterilization. The feel of this wig will be like your real hair, and the texture may be better for your own hair.  This is a point that synthetic hair can never do. I think it is also the reason why real people are more popular.

Second, a more natural and more realistic look. When a person wears a human hair wig, she does not need to worry about whether others can recognize it as a wig. Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair wigs look neither shiny nor stringy. Whether it’s a close distance or a long distance, a suitable human  hair wig looks like a person’s innate hair. 

Third, the diversity of styles. Because the wig is made by a real person, you can treat it like our own hair. They can curl your straight hair wigs today and then straighten your curly hair wigs the next day. Synthetic wigs cannot be styled beyond their initial look.

Fourth, a longer service life. Wigs made from human hair can be used for one year. In contrast, synthetic wigs usually have to be replaced after 3-6 months. Because of this, human hair wigs are considered a long-term investment. However, to ensure the longest life of the human hair wigs, it is important to know how to properly store and care.

This is the four main reasons why human hair wigs are more popular than synthetic wigs. In fact, there are still many advantages of human hair wigs. When you wear it yourself, you will find it comfortable and worthy of your liking. Of course, its price will be higher than synthetic wigs, and you may feel that synthetic hair is good when you care about your human hair wigs.

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