Wig Care Practices to Avoid

The correct care wig can extend the life of the wig and keep the wig in a good state. I believe that you have all seen a lot of ways and tips for taking care of wigs. But do you know that avoiding some wrong ways of using wigs can also extend the life of wigs? Today we are going to share with you some of the things that wig care needs to avoid.

Wig Care Practices to Avoid

1. Don’t treat human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs equally.

It is absolutely important to invest in the right care product for your wig, as failure to do so will cause irreparable damage. Especially for synthetic hair wigs, using incorrect products can greatly reduce their lifespan because they contain some chemicals. Different types of wigs require different care, and you can follow the wig supplier’s requirements for care.

2. Don’t use heat on your wig

Synthetic hair is less heat resistant and more entangled, so don’t use a heating tool on your synthetic wig. The human hair wig is made from 100% human hair. You can treat it like our own hair, but you should also use less hot products. High temperature may be one of the most unfavorable factors affecting the life of a wig. 

3. Don’t Sleep in Your Wig

Tired all day, you just want to go to bed immediately. Although wearing a wig to fall asleep is very tempting, don’t do it. Sleeping in a wig means that when you wake up, you are likely to be full of knots and tangles, which gives you an extra bigger task to deal with the next day! Especially for curly hair wigs, tangles are more difficult to remove. So don’t sleep with a wig.

4. Don’t wear a wig to take a shower or swim

One of the most pivotal wig care tips we can offer is to avoid having your wig come into contact with water, as much as is physically possible. As such, you should make certain not to shower in your wig. Avoid swimming with your wig too, or take extra care to keep your head above water when doing so.

5. Avoid using hair spray on wigs

Excessive use of hair gel on your wig is absolutely not acceptable, because doing so will greatly increase the likelihood of tangles, oil build-up, and often make your wig more difficult to manage. If for some reason you have to use hairspray, stick to a spray/flash product that has been specially approved for wigs, and limit the amount you use, be sure to wash your wigs in time.

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