Wig hacks that you need to know

If you take care of your wig carefully, you can effectively extend the life of your wig. Many people use wigs, but many people don’t know how to take care of their wigs. I believe that many people have written about how to care for wigs, and we will not repeat them. Today, we will share some methods and techniques for dealing with wigs, you need to know. Whether your wig is a human hair lace wig or a synthetic hair wig, these methods and techniques apply.

human hair wigs

1. When wearing a wig, we have to go through the steps of cutting the lace. I always encourage you to cut the lace as close as possible to the hairline. But make sure you leave a little bit in the ear tips in case you need to attach the elastic band to the wig. The closer you cut the hairline, the better, because it will make the lace look more realistic.

2. If you have a lace front wig, but the color of the cap is not the color of your skin, you can take a powder that is your exact skin tone and powder under the wigs lace. You don’t need to use concealer like everyone else. That is too time consuming. Take some of your skin tone and brush it under your wig.

3. If you wear it all the time, the wig becomes very oily, but you may not have time to wash your wig at the time, you can apply it on the hair root with baby powder. Gently comb the wig with a brush. You can also spray a typical dry shampoo on your hair and comb all the oil. This way your hair will look very clean. However, it is very important to clean and deep care wigs on time, so these methods are best used only at special moments.

4. Correct hair combing can reduce hair loss and hair tangles will be treated faster. If you want to keep the wig beautiful, take the comb and start from the bottom and slowly comb it up. If your wig is a curly hair wig, don’t use a comb and gently comb it with your fingers.

5. Many people ask me if I can sleep with a wig. In fact, I really don’t recommend sleeping with a wig. The wig will rub against the sheets and the excessive friction will cause hair loss and tangles. But if you have to sleep with a wig, you can tie a scarf (preferably silky) tightly to your head and then you can sleep.

These are the tips on wig care and I hope to be useful to you. I wish you a pleasant wig experience.

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