Wigs, turbans or bald

Whenever I wash my hair, I will feel panic when facing the hair in the floor and in the wash basin. Is this already starting to lose hair? What should I do? In fact, I know very well that hair loss is nothing more than three choices. Use human hair wigs to quickly solve your hair loss problems, use a headscarf to cover your hair loss problem, and bravely face yourself to maintain your original appearance. Then we still have the patience to spend a long time to treat hair loss.

Although I understand the truth, it is very difficult to make a choice. Because at the beginning I didn’t have the courage to try to wear a wig, although many people told me that lace front wigs are natural. And I think my solution was to try and be as subtle at possible. So I opted for a hairband. Being a young, girly girl I probably had one in every single color, but that was my disguise and my way of coping until I became confident enough for a wig.

When I started wearing wigs, I seemed to open the door to a new world. There are a lot of glueless lace wigs now, very comfortable and natural, and easy to wear. I really like these glueless lace wigs. And there are many types and patterns of human hair wigs to choose from, it makes me more beautiful and more confident. Now, over a decade later, I’m more than confident wearing a wig, I’m confident wearing different styles and I think that has a lot to do with, my age, my experience and the supportive people in my life.

As for bravely facing myself and keeping myself as it is, I think I might only do this when I am at home. Or different activities or lifestyles may suit different options. I know that many people choose to wear a headscarf or baldness while exercising or on vacation, instead of wearing a wig.

Choose a way to make you feel comfortable, whether it’s a lace front wig, a turbans or bald.T here is no standard answer in a person’s life, you can have a variety of expressions. If you want beauty, you can bring a variety of human hair wigs. If you like natural comfort, you can choose some headscarves that can be worn with clothes. If you have the courage to face your true self, then do nothing. You can change your mind at any time, as long as you like.

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